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Library Programs & Workshops

Once Upon A Library! Ages 3-10

Mind Reading! Ages 10-17


We create a new show every year based on the CSLP theme. It always includes Magic, Music, A live Rabbit production and books from library collections to get your patrons interested in reading. We also do Magic Workshops, where your patrons learns the secrets of Magic and take home their own set of props to show their friends and family. 


For your older patrons (10-17), we can perform a Mind Reading show which is very sophisticated and blows them away. 

2020 Library program - ONCE UPON A LIBRARY!
Ages 3 - 10   45 minutes
This year's program will take your young patrons on a journey through their favorite fairy tales and some new adventures that they will love to discover. As always, I'll be producing my LIVE RABBIT, neal, and will include lots of audience participation and FUNN!

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